Kleos’ goal for all donations to go directly to our members

Calgary, AB – Just as Kleos is focused on long term sustainability, creating programming that not only works for the people but also works for the community as a whole, the same goal is applied to the other end – the donors who support our activities. Individuals who are generous enough to donate to Kleos know that their funds are delivered directly to those they are trying to help and not eaten up by administrative fees or organizational costs. Last year, Kleos took a big step in reaching this goal, with the total amount of programming dollars approaching the actual dollars spent in the region!

This is accomplished though multiple ways:

  • A volunteer based organization in Canada
  • The ability to fund programs without additional monetary input, through recycled loan repayments
  • Minimal overhead through direct connection with Kleos members
  • The ability to support the costs of Kleos overseas operations through minimal interest charges paid by members
  • Alternative non-monetary finding programs, such as the Kleos’ Beyond Miles campaign through Aeroplan

Today, the last item is our focus, as Kleos has an active campaign running this month. On average, travel costs associated with flights to the Kleos satellite offices reach and can exceed $2000. With the average Kleos loan under $100, one flight purchased by Kleos staff is the equivalent of up to 22 women who Kleos would no longer be able to fund this year. Additionally, as with all Kleos programming that recycles and pays forward, it means countless more could no longer access transformative Kleos loans.

To date, more than 200,000 miles have been donated to Kleos campaigns in the past three years, meaning $4000 went directly to programming that otherwise would have fallen to travel costs. This year, we aim to raise another 100,000 miles, of which we have already received 11,000. If you wish to contribute, you can do so on the image. And if you do, please send us a message and let us know!

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