A Young Entrepreneur’s Success

My name is Okumu Alfred, I am a member of Ada Konyi Group In Koch Goma-Nwoya District. I am the eldest child to my parents and I am unmarried. At this time I am taking care of my mother and my four younger brothers and sisters.

I am doing Photography and have a printing business in Koch Goma that I have been running for about two years.

I joined Kleos in May 2018 when I heard about it from another member of the group. I decided to join and had to go through basic training while saving before applying for a loan. I applied for a loan of 300,000 Shillings of which after one week I was approved and received it from Kleos Uganda. I used the money to purchase a color printer and other materials.

I would like to thank Kleos for this because it has helped boost my business. Before, I could take people’s work to print with friends in the same business, which affected my profit margin. But now I have my own printer and my customers are increasing. Thank you so much Kleos Uganda!

The only major challenge I have now is power. I am using solar power since electricity is not in this area, so the weather is the most inconveniencing factor in this business. Sometimes for the whole day I fail to make money when the weather is rainy or cloudy. I hope that Kleos Uganda will continue to give loans and one day be able to give me a solar loan to boost the strength of my business.

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