Acaa Sabina – supporting 7 children on a single income

Meet Acaa Sabina. She is the chairperson of Yelle Keni group located in Koro. Her business is in the brewing of alcohol locally and farming. She works her business from her home where she has farm land that she inherited from her parents, and is living in her own hut on the land. She is a single parent of four children but also takes care of her three grand children. She has so many challenges since she’s the only bread winner in her home.

Her first loan was 200k shillings ($71 CAD) which she used to buy cassava flour for brewing and charcoal for sales. At that time, her capital was only 60,000 shillings. She managed to pay that loan back and later got another loan of 300,000 shillings. She used part of it to pay for school fees and the balance she used it for the farm.




Her future plan is to change to the produce business and also build her iron sheet house. Sabina likes working with Kleos because the interest is low and the payments are easy.


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