Acoko Vicky – Paying it Forward through Entrepreneurship

Gulu, UG – Acoko Vicky is a relatively new Kleos member, but she has proven herself very industrious in her short time. Despite being with Kleos less than two years, Vicky is already turning her successes into benefits for the whole community!

A married mother of four, Vicky joined Kleos and received a loan of 300,000 Ugandan shillings (UGX) less than two years ago. The loan, which amounts to slightly more than $100, was used to buy more materials for her shop. With more materials, Vicky was able to not only increase her variety of product and her customer base, but also became a wholesaler for materials for other tailors she knew. Already, Vicky was working to diversify her income streams. She credits the Kleos model with the ease of repayments as interest rates are sometimes a quarter of what other organizations charge. On top of that, she has been using the Kleos Savings plan to put aside some of her profits for larger future purchases.

Now in her second loan with Kleos, for about $140, she has continued to expand the business. Her increased input has continued to lead to increased profits, which now means Vicky no longer has to ask her husband for permission to spend on herself or the family and she is free to buy what she needs for the family and the household. They are forming a great team, and with both parents contributing half, all the kids’ school fees are paid and they are attending classes.

Throughout these loans however, Vicky has not been satisfied just with her own business growth. She’s used the extra income she’s earned to buy a second sewing machine which she has used to start her own micro-training school. Vicky has been training young women to master the art of tailoring. In exchange for a small fee, her students learn how to make clothes and are even able to make and sell some of their own to earn some money as they go through the Vicky School of Tailoring.

Vicky has used her experience with Kleos to not only improve her business and the lives of her family, but also to diversify her income streams and give back to the community. This is how Vicky is becoming a shining example of the impact one empowered woman can make. As she looks to the future, Vicky has her eyes set on becoming a land owner and building a home with her husband. While she has always had this dream, she is now well on her way and putting Savings aside every week with Kleos to one day turn this dream to a reality.

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