Borrower Profile: Esther Bongomin

Meet Esther Bongomin, one of the newest Kleos borrowers from the Gen Tici group based in Cereleno market in central Gulu. Esther joined kleos Uganda in September 2015 and borrowed 300,000 UGX (less than $120 CAD) which she used to buy millet flour, sorghum flour and charcoal for her business.

With her home just next to Cereleno market, she decided that instead of buying a stall at the market, she could build one on her compound and sell her products directly from home. By using her home as a storefront and by using her kitchen to store excess inventory, she has been able to minimize her expenses and pay her weekly loan repayment instalment without any problem.

Esther is a widow and mother of four. Her husband passed on early last year and she is now solely responsible for taking care of her children. Her growing business is ensuring that she can do so!

Esther Bongomin (4)

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