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September 23-29, 2018 we celebrate a milestone with the very first Gender Equality Week in Canada. I'm proud to stand with Kleos MFG as they work to raise funds and awareness in support of women around the world who are looking for the opportunity to improve their lives by starting their own business and begin to progress towards financial independence. Please learn what you can about this important week at, give generously by linking through to donate here! Thanks for helping me reach this important goal! - Lisa
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What is Gender Equality WeekThis year marks a milestone in the progress of Gender Equality in Canada. Starting on June 21, 2018 when Bill C-309 was given Royal Assent, the fourth week in every September formally became Gender Equality Week in Canada. The notion that equality and compassion for all individuals remains among Canada’s foremost aspirations and all Canadians share responsibility for addressing the social and economic challenges faced by women, which are fundamentally human issues.

How does Kleos MFG supports Gender Equality? The UN defines Gender Equality as the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men, girls and boys. With this in mind, Kleos’ micro-loan, scholarship and training programs are designed to create new opportunities for women. While not exclusive to women, they make up more than 80% of Kleos members, giving the opportunity for women across the world to improve their lives by starting their own businesses and begin to progress towards financial independence! 

Did you know? An increase in the proportion of women accessing micro-finance services by just 15% could potentially reduce gender inequality by half, as measured by the Gender Inequality Index 

Let’s do this! Calgarians are working hard to spread the word about this new and unique opportunity to both celebrate the contributions of women but to also work on improving progress in the area of gender equality. It is our hope to raise as much money as possible through our exciting Gender Equality Week Crowdfunding Campaign so both Kleos MFG and Dress for Success, Calgary can continue to do their life-changing work  – creating meaningful opportunities for women. 

Together Calgarian’s are making a difference! Join in the Crowdfunding Campaign Contest fun by donating here, watch social media and share the information online and face to face with your colleagues and friends! Contact for more information 

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