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Happy Inaugural Gender Equality Week Canada!

Equality for me is about lifting up those who either aren’t able to lift themselves, or who walk through life being told they are not as valuable, as special or as worthy as the person sitting next to them. We can change this and Kleos Microfinance Group can be the medium through which we do it…trust me, it’s their specialty.

A micro-loan equivalent to CAD$100 can change the life of a woman and her entire family for generations. It’s that complex and that simple all at the same time.

So, respectfully, I challenge you hit a happy hour instead of having that $11 glass of wine later today, or research a discounted community yoga class instead of your usual $25 jam ect. Then throw some of that extra cash on this CrowdFund and smile knowing that you don’t have to completely change your life in order to change someone else’s.

Click here to learn more about Gender Equality Week: https://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/commemoration/gew-ses/index-en.html

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