Celebrate Gender Equality Week with Kleos!

August 22, 2018 – For Kleos, gender equality is part of the foundation of everything we do. Needless to say, we were pretty excited this summer when Canada officially created Gender Equality Week. Now, every fourth week in September, Canada will officially recognize gender equality.

To kick off Canada’s first ever Gender Equality Week, join Kleos in celebrating the week with our first ever crowdfunding competition! For the week, individuals, companies and groups of people are getting together to raise funds to help support gender equality programming. The competition is set to kickoff on September 23rd and will culminate in the Wrap Up Party were participants, donors and supporters can join to celebrate and contribute to the progress and improvement of gender equality across the world. The event will also help raise funds for local charities whose aim it is to improve the progression of gender diversity.

Equality and compassion for all individuals remains among Canada’s foremost aspirations and all Canadians share responsibility for addressing the social and economic challenges faced by women, which are fundamentally human issues. On June 21, 2018 when Bill C-309 was given Royal Assent, as part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s increased focus on women’s rights, the fourth week in every September formally became Gender Equality Week in Canada.

Stay tuned for more details on the wrap up party scheduled for Sept. 29th! We’ll be partnering with local organizations and celebrating with some of Calgary’s best talents or get your tickets here.

Contact us at if you wish to create your own campaign or follow the steps here.


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