Growing Her Business With Our Help

Meet Christine Adyero of the Wot Ki Gum (Go with Blessings) group. She works at a quarrying site near her home and she has been doing this business for over six years.

She joined the group last year after it was started, and she was almost the last person to get loan. By that time, Kleos was running low on money, so she had to wait to get a loan. Initially she applied for 300,000 Shillings ($107CAD) but we were only able to give her 200,000 Shillings ($71CAD) as her first loan. Christine used the loan to buy more rocks for quarrying and it helped her to boost her capital. Currently her son, Opiyo helps her with her business.


Her repayment schedule is to pay 8,400 Shillings ($3) a week, which she expects to finish this month. After she finishes paying back her loan, she plans to apply for a bigger loan so that she can hire people to help her with her business.

A donation of $100 will more than help someone start a business and learn how to build their business and provide for their families. Please donate now to help women like Christine Adyero!

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