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My name is Achan Jennifer of the Wot ki gum group. I am a 63 year old widowed mother of 8 dependants.  5 of these children are in school. My business is in selling second hand clothes in a local evening market called Cuk wi Got.  I heard about Kleos Uganda through a friend in another group, and I then came to the office and requested if they can come and also start a lending group in my area.

We started the group in early 2018 with 13 members. My first loan was 250,000 Shillings ($90CAD) which I used to add clothing to my inventory. I could not afford a full bail since it was expensive so I started buying pieces that I could resell. At that time my running capital was about 250,000 Shillings but now I have climbed to about 400,000 Shillings ($145CAD).

I finished my loan in December last year and I am currently going through the application process for another loan.

My plan is to add produce to my business so I can grow it and support all my dependants.

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