How One Woman Supports 8 Children

My name is Mary Apiyo from the Bed Lagen group. I am married with 8 children in total, 6 are my biological children and the other 2 are dependants. All of them are in school except one that was sent home recently because of school fees (one in the picture selling with her in the market).

My business is selling small produce and vegetables in the Cenjere market, Gulu.

I have been doing this for about 7 years now, through which we managed to build a iron sheet house together with the support from my husband, who is unfortunately weak and sick now. The children are in small grass thatched houses.

I am the chairperson of the Bed Lagen group which we started in 2016. My first loan was 300,000 Shillings ($108 CAD) which I used to add stock of simsim and ground nuts for both selling and making paste for sale.

I finished the first loan and applied for another one which I was given 300,000 again, and I am in my second cycle of loans. I do not find it difficult to make payments since the interest is so low. After this I would like to get 500,000 Shillings ($180 CAD) in the third cycle so I can use it to add more produce to my stock.

My plan is to grow my business so I can easy pay for my children to go to school, which is my biggest challenge since my husband is ill and cannot help with school fees.

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