Introducing Kleos Scholarships!

Calgary, AB – Some very exciting new developments are upcoming for Kleos, the Kleos Uganda office is set to launch the first ever Kleos Scholarships in Gulu! This fall, we will be sending five students to Layibi Technical College for vocational training so they can learn an employable skill and begin their path to economic independence. The launch of the scholarship wouldn’t be possible without another new development for Kleos – Crowdfunding Campaigns! The first Campaign was launched in June and raised enough to set these five students on their new path.

Just like our loan program, the Kleos scholarship program doesn’t quite operate like your traditional scholarship program. Scholarship recipients are chosen among unemployed or underemployed youth related to current loan members who are enrolled in the Technical College in one of eight skill development programs. Successful candidates not only are awarded with their tuition and materials paid for for the duration of their course, but also receive their first microloan at their graduation so they can immediately begin working in their field and earning for themselves and their families. As with our microloan program, Kleos emphasizes employable skills, ensuring that graduates will not only learn a new skill, but they will be set with the tools they need to turn that skill into their own micro-business.

We are extremely proud to announce the five successful candidates for the fall! The recipients span girls and boys, previous education levels from Primary 7 (Grade 7) to Senior 6 (Grade 12) and will be studying Motor Vehicle Repair and Tailoring.


Meet the first ever Kleos Scholars:

  • Aol Sarafina – Completed Senior 6 and will be studying Motor Vehicle Repair. Aol is the granddaughter of Kleos member Esther Bongomin.
  • Ojok Denish – Completed Senior 4 before he had to leave when his father passed and his mother was in a severe motor vehicle accident. He is the brother of Kleos member Susan Akello and willbe studying Motor Vehicle Repair.
  • Komakech Patrick – Completed only Primary 7 before having to drop out after his father’s death. Komakeck is the son of Kleos member Grace Lamaro Lamkawa and will be studying Motor Vehicle Repair.
  • Opiyo Gerrald – Completed only Primary 7 before his father passed and the family was forced from their home and rendered homeless. Opiyo is the son of Kleos member Paska Aber and will be studying Motor Vehicle Repair.
  • Oyella Brenda – Completed Senior 4 when her single mother (Kleos member Margaret Acayo) could no longer afford fees for her ten dependents. She will be studying Tailoring and Garment Design.

The fall scholarships are just the beginning for Kleos’ pursuit of education as a cornerstone of sustainable development, with plans to continue offering scholarships every semester going forward. The next set of scholarship already even has its own crowdfunding campaign, with our friends at Heart of Bragg Creek sponsoring the next round of scholarships through their summer yoga classes and their own campaign.

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