Learning How To Increase Her Profit Margin

Meet Atto Klementina Lakony, who is a member of the Wot Ki Gum group and also holds the position of Vice Chairperson. She joined the group in 2018 from the beginning when the group was formed. She had to wait until the group was done with their business training in order to receive her loan, but all the group members were very patient. 

She was in the first group, two people, to get her loan which was for 250,000 Shillings (approximately $90 CAD). Klementina works with second hand clothing, so this investment helped her to add one bail of men’s shirts to her inventory. From that time on, her capital and profit margin has increased.

Even though 2018 was not easy for her because her husband has been very sick, this loan has helped her to be able to manage some of the family needs

“I thank Kleos for coming to give us loans that are very affordable at also a very low interest rate.” – Klementina

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