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Piloya and her stand

Piloya Joyce is a 50 years old, married, mother to nine boys, five of whom are in school. She lives in her own grass thatched house in a place called Koro Kal B village about 6 kms near Gulu town in northern Uganda.

She has been in business for six years selling local alcohol and supplementing with farming including petty business.

She got to know about Kleos Uganda from a friend who is a long time member of Kleos Uganda. Then I joined a group called “YeleKeni”(meaning struggle by yourself).

By getting involved in Kleos Uganda, her life and that of her children have greatly improved. She used to operate with a capital of shs 100,000 only before and now she has about shs 300,000 as my operating capital.

The last loan she took was shs 200,000 only and she used part of the money to pay school fees and the rest she put in her business.

Piloya is facing a few challenges:

    Family responsibilities since her husband is now retired.
    Insufficient capital to buy seeds for farming as well as increasing production level.
    Economic activities have become very expensive.

Her future plan is to buy cows, goats and chicken and she hopes to have her children go to school through the Kleos Scholarship Program.

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