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Odoch Godfrey – Manager

Godfrey was born in the village of Atiek in Gulu District, a portion of the district that is now part of the new Amoro district, to his parents William Ocera and Atadar Orose. He is married with a son, Ogen Rwot Joshua. Godfrey came to Gulu as a child during the war and attended Pece Primary school. In his Senior levels, Godfrey lost his mother and was then raised by his aunt. A few years after, his father also passed after taking a Forestry job in Kampala. After that, Godfrey’s older brother became his primary caregiver and moved him to Kampala, where he finished his O level. Godfrey then went on to get a Diploma in Business Studies from the Institute of Professional Accounting and Business Administration in Kampala. After that, he began working for the Uganda National Small Business Association in 2000, an organization similar to Kleos that offered micro-loans and training programs. A new position with UNFO, a local MFI, brought him to Gulu in 2007, where he stayed until joining Kleos in 2014. He first joined Kleos as an inaugural board member, as the organization was looking for guidance while setting up operations. Soon after, as the team was looking to hire experienced staff for the office, the board suggested that the ideal candidate was Godfrey himself and he became one of the founding staff members in 2014. After two years serving as a Loan Administrator, Godfrey became the Acting Manager when the previous Manger went on leave, and accepted the permanent role in 2016.

Akello Susan – Loan Administrator

Susan is born and raised in Gulu in a family of seven. A member of the Acholi tribe, she is third born with six sisters and one brother. After completing her primary and secondary schooling in Gulu, she completed her Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration at the East Africa Institute located in Pece. Susan first started with Kleos in August 201 6 as an Office Assistant and quickly was promoted to her current position as a Loan Administrator, which she has been doing since October 2016.

Okello Erick – Loan Administrator

Erick originally comes from Uganda’s Lira District. A member of the Lango tribe, Erick’s first language was Langese, which is a mixed language that traces back to a tribe in Ethiopia. Coming from a family of four and only having met his father a few times, Erick was raised mostly by his grandparents after his mother remarried. He completed his primary schooling in Ayere village in Bar Sub-County and finished his O and A (Advanced) levels in Lira. However, in his second year of Secondary school, Eirck was abducted by the LRA. Fortunately, Erick was able to escape after three weeks. After his A level, Erick oved with his uncle to Gulu, where he attended Gulu University, graduating with a BA in 2012, with a specialization in Marketing. He began working in the microfinance field in 2011 and continued there until a chance meeting with Aromarach Agnes, the founding Manager of Kleos Uganda in 2014. He became one of the original Kleos Uganda staff in 2014 and continues his work as a Loan Administrator today. Since then, Erick has both gotten married and had his first child.