Running Her Business With Her Son

Meet one of our successful entrepreneurs, Polline Aweko. She was a new member of Wot Ki Gum group and runs a small kiosk business. She joined the group in May 2018 and her first loan was for 300,000 Shillings (approximately $108 CAD).  With this money she increased her stock in the store so she had more to sell.

Her repayment plan was to pay back 12,500 Shillings a week ($5 CAD). Once she was done repaying that loan, she applied for a 2nd loan of 400,000 Shillings that helped her through the Christmas season.

She runs her buisness with her young boy, Kaka Bal, who is in the picture.





“I am grateful for what Kleos gave me as loan, because it has really helped to grow my business.” – Polline

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