Securing a Future For Her Family

My name is Acayo Margret and I am 54 years old, married and a mother to three, one boy and two girls. One girl is currently under the Kleos scholarship program, and the other girl and boy are in senior four respectively.  I live in a two single room house which was given to me by my relative in a village called Pece Pawel Pudyek, about 2.5kms east of Gulu Town in northern Uganda.

I deal in produce business such as sim-sim, groundnuts, beans and others at the Cenjere Market near Gulu town and I have managed this for three years now.

I heard about Kleos Uganda in 2016 from a friend who has been a Kleos beneficiary and is the chairperson of one of the groups. Because of the favorable loan policies of Kleos Uganda, I decided to join the program in the group called “Bed Lagen” (Meaning be honest).

Because of Kleos Uganda program, my life has greatly changed. I used to have a Capital of 500,000 SHS but now my capital has increased to 800,000 SHS making it possible for me to pay school fees for my children.

Now I am in my third cycle of the loan that is 400,000 SHS and I used part of it to pay the school fees and then a small part of the money I added into the business.

The business skills I get from Kleos Uganda has improved my knowledge in doing business. However, there are some challenges I am facing :

  • Lack of transport to the outside markets to buy stocks for resale
  • Paying school fees for many children
  • Medical care
  • Plus general responsibilities since my husband does not do any work

My future plan is to expand my business with the help from Kleos Uganda, buy a piece of land and build for my children since I am getting older.

I would like to appeal to Kleos Uganda to continue with all its good programs. I would like also to thank Kleos for putting one of my children under the scholarship program. My daughter Oyela Brenda is doing a Certificate in Tailoring and Garment Cutting for nine months.

Thank you for your support and trust.

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