Supporting 3 Children & Running 3 Businesses

Mutesi Mirriam joined a group called Winye Ber, 4 years ago, and she received 200,000 Shillings (about $70 CAD) as her first loan. She paid this back very efficiently and later she continued borrowing more in the group before she decided to join as an individual client. 

Initially she was only dealing in the charcoal business but last year increased her businesses. She now deals in three business that originally started as one – charcoal, small produce and a retail shop. She is a true entrepreneur!




She is a mother of three children. Her oldest is Omara Alfred, who enjoys mending shoes. Her 2nd oldest is Adyero Monica and youngest is Daniel. Most of the money she gets from the business goes towards their food and school fees for her children.



Kleos prouds itself on supporting women who are often single mothers, so they can provide school, food and shelter for their children. Our microloan program is the heart of what we do.

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