When Others Wouldn’t Give Her A Loan, Kleos Did

Hi, my name is Akwongo Susan, 26 years old. I am married and a mother to two, and both of my children are in school.

I own and live in a grass thatched house in a place called Industrial area, about 1.5kms west of Gulu Town in northern Uganda.

I deal in snacks such as chapatis, cassava chips, mandazi and my prominent and daily customers are school children and even the teachers. I always go to sell to nearby schools and I have been doing this for three years now.

I heard about Kleos Uganda in 2017 from a friend who has been a Kleos member. I decided to join the program in the group called “AtekkiRwot” (Am strong with the Lord)

Because of Kleos Uganda program, my life has greatly changed because I never used to be able to afford loan conditions of other financial Institutions. I used to have a Capital of 100,000 SHS and now my capital has increased to 250,000 SHS, making it possible for me to pay the school fees for my two children.

Now am in my second cycle of the loan that is 250,000 SHS which I use part of it to pay the school fees and then a small part of the money I added into the business.

The business skills I get from Kleos Uganda have improved my knowledge in doing business and how to manage my meager income.

However, there are some few challenges I am facing in doing this business and these are:

  • Lack of customers when students are on holidays
  • Paying school fees with a smaller income
  • Medical care
  • Sometimes too many responsibilities affect my capital hence reducing my ability to expand the business

My future plan is to expand my business by buying a sowing machine, a cow, and goats. I hope that Kleos Uganda continues with all its programs to help many women like me.

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